Class 4 Garden Tractor Premium Service
Kerry's Lawn & Garden - Mechanicsburg
5220 East Trindle Road
Mechanicsburg, PA

Service Description

Class 4 Premium Service for Garden Tractors includes the following:

Help unloading and initial inspection by our staff

1. Complete Walk Around Inspection

2. Inspect Safety Features

3. Clean and Replace Air Filter

4. Clean and Replace Pre-Cleaner

5. Change Engine Oil

6. Replace Oil Filter

7. Lubricate Grease Fittings

8. Adjust Tire Pressure

9. Check Battery

10. Charging System

11. Clean Battery Posts

12. Replace Spark Plug(s)

13. Sharpen & Balance Blades

14. Scrape Deck

15. Level Mower Deck

16. Check Spindle Bearings

17. Adjust Carburetor as needed

18. Replace Fuel Filter

19. Inspect All Belts & Pulleys

20. Check and Top Off Coolant

21. Replace Hydro Filter & Check Fluid

22. Check PTO Adjust if Needed

23. Inspect Brakes Adjust as needed

24. Pressure Wash Entire Machine

25. Test Run

Deposit required for all incoming equipment for maintenance, service or repair

Our special price for the LABOR for all the above-described work is $299 plus parts & tax (if purchased at Kerry's) or $349 plus parts & tax (not purchased at Kerry's)

*PARTS NOT INCLUDED. The labor for the premium service is guaranteed for 90 days (in season) on the following basis:

When work is done during the month/months of:

Nov. Dec. Jan. Feb. or Mar: The guarantee is extended until the following July 1st .

Apr. May. Jun. or Jul: The guarantee is for 90 days from the date the work was done.

August: The guarantee is extended until the following April 1st

September: The guarantee is extended until the following May 1st

October: The guarantee is extended until the following June 1st

Storage Space is Limited. Please pick up your lawnmower as soon as possible after you are called. There is a storage charge of $2 per day on any mower that is not picked up within 15 days after notification.

Kerry's Lawn and Garden

Service Packages and Maintenance

Service packages are offered for most RESIDENTIALLY OWNED equipment. See the guide to determine the best package for you.

Premium Service - ALL premium service packages start with a complete diagnostic of the machine. This will identify all Preventative Maintenance as well as needed repairs or potential future problems. This package will also include a complete chemical cleaning of the unit. This Package is meant for any unit needing any repair as well as the preventative maintenance. This package also includes the Kerry's Priority Service Warranty. (See Below)

Kerry's Priority Service Warranty - When a customer chooses the PREMIUM SERVICE for their unit they also receive peace of mind through the cutting season. In the event any unit needs to return to the shop for a repair they will go to the front of the line. They will also receive a free diagnostic of the unit. This is regardless of cause. All warranties on previous repairs follow the timeline below.

Work completed date:

November through March = Warranty extended until  July 1st

April Through July = 90 days from date of completion

August Through October = The warranty is extended until May 1st of the following year

Basic Maintenance - This package is meant for machines or units in good running condition. The Maintenance package will address the needed preventative maintenance only. There are no diagnostics performed and only the work performed will carry a warranty. All Diagnostics and repairs will be additional.

Selecting the Right Class for my tractor or Zero-Turn

Lawn Tractors- All tractors with a single mount rear wheel (E Clip/ Nut or Pin)

Garden Tractors - All tractors using multiple LUG nuts to secure the rear wheel

Residential Zero Turn - All Zero turns without a serviceable drive system

Commercial Zero turn - All zero turns with a serviceable drive system

When in doubt give us a call, if purchased here we just need your phone or account number. If purchased elsewhere we need the model and serial and we will happily look it up for you.

Commercial Landscapers, Businesses, Churches and Townships are all serviced as Time and Materials Only. Each of these users have specific needs and additional usage on equipment that needs to be handled on a case by case basis for the best service.


Kerry’s Lawn and Garden Proudly Sells, Provides parts support & services the following brands 


Billy Goat

Brown Mfg – Trench Master, Bed master

Cub Cadet – including Bercomac Attachments

Echo – Except battery powered units from a mass merchant (not dealer supported)


Honda-Honda Engines

Little Wonder

Kohler Engines


Kawasaki Engines

Power Trim

Briggs & Stratton Engines


Tecumseh Engines


Subaru Engines- Subject to availability



Toro Dingo Products


We will also except the following brands not sold here for parts support or service listed below 

MTD (all products except handheld) / Lawnboy(mowers) / John Deere – (except handheld products) / Simplicity*/Stihl*

*Items only serviced at the Harrisburg Location.

As well as Commercial Specialty brands such as: L.T. Rich and Permagreen

See a manager for any other brands

Service Priorities

1. Purchased here – Warranty Repair – Specific repair only

2. Purchased here – Service or Repair

3. Purchased Elsewhere – Warranty Repair – Specific repair only

4. Purchased Elsewhere – Service or Repair